key on laptop basically consists of two parts.These parts are a lift and a key pad.To remove the keys you need a specific tool that is most convenient to work.This is best suited any dental hook, or a tool of engineering sets.You can just do a thin screw driver.Try to take the delicate objects to avoid damaging parts.
platform connects on certain key latches with a lift.Total connection points from three to four, but it is also very important to remember that if the three tabs, there is only one mobile connection, and if the four latches, the mobile has two connections.First you need to remove the button from the elevator, which is mounted on the keyboard.This operation is carefully and dilige
ntly to perform, since the malfunction can completely disable the keyboard, or some of the buttons.Find the same keyboard for notebook would be difficult, and it is worth a lot of money.
before removing the button, you need to know that this is done only in certain ways.To do this, you first need to insert the tool that you chose to work between the attachment points button one elevator, and having turned slightly to the side, click one of the elevator button on .Then you will need to lift the button, and only now you can click another lift by inserting the tool between the two remaining fixtures button to another elevator.Thus it is possible to remove all the buttons , moving the instrument from one elevator to another and so on.Collect the keyboard will need to reverse.With its easy-consistent action, you can easily remove button on laptop at any moment when you need it.