In order to connect your laptop to your TV, you must do the following.
determine the connection type.There are several kinds of outputs.Additionally, each laptop may be several.
If you want to connect to a TV MacBook, it uses connector VGA, having the form of a rectangle with rounded corners and a 15-pin 5 in 3 rows.S-video connector is circular and can have from 4 to 7 contacts.Connector for composite video connector has a circular often yellow.DVI port is square, and has 24 pins is designed to transmit a signal of high resolution.HDMI port resembles a regular port USB, but is slightly longer and is designed to transmit a High Definition signal.
In the second step you need to check which video inputs are available for your TV.Everyth
ing will depend on what your TV: standard or high definition.
video inputs are located on the back of the television or on the sidewall.The standard resolution is composite connector or connector S-video.Image connected so as to be less crisp than the conventional monitor.In high-definition televisions are different connectors: VGA carries analog signal, DVI and HDMI - digital, having a high quality.
The third step is to choose the correct cable, which will connect the laptop to the TV.If you have multiple connectivity options, you can choose the one that gives better quality.If the connectors at the TV and laptop are different, you'll need an adapter or adapter cable.
Also remember that some TVs and laptops can be connected via a single cable.If the laptop is connected to a TV via HDMI, you do not need an audio cable, as will be transmitted both video and audio.In any other case, you will need to connect a separate audio cable yet.Audio in the notebook will be marked with icon of headphones.You can connect it to your TV, if it has audio input or external speakers if there is no such.
Actually connection you need to turn off the laptop, connect the cables to the appropriate terminals on the TV and your computer, set the TV to the correct input source.TV must be enabled to recognize it as a computer monitor.
Then turn on the laptop.Further installation will depend on your operating system.Place the TV as a monitor.Many laptops have a button "Monitor", which can be used.Very often, the screen resolution of the TV and the laptop is different, so you need to set your screen resolution.Screen resolution should be the same as the resolution of the TV.Some TVs have the ability to adjust the aspect ratio and scale the image.If you see the cropped image, make sure to it that this setting has been disabled.
Thus, using these tips, you can connect your laptop to your TV.