name DjVu format is read as "deja vu."That is, "we can already see one."The first publication of its requirements was carried out in 1988.This is a typical format for storing images, providing for losses, but more compact than a standard scan, the volume of information storage.
is why DjVu was chosen by fans to scan magazines, manuscripts and newspapers.Saves all images, text and all page layout that is unattainable for another book format FB2.In this format, text and images can also be saved, but the page layout will be lost.The last known version of the DjVu format was published July 27, 2006.Since then, no major changes are observed.
Full support for DjVu format req
uires interactive applications to read the table of contents and embedded in the file active links for easy navigation of the magazine in format DjVu.
modern interface for Windows 8.1 the most popular program that can read DjVu, a DjVu Viewer.You can download it via the "App Store".
There you will find a paid app DjVu for Windows, which can also use all the advantages of a modern interface, including the touch screen.
However, for owners of laptops and computers running Windows 8.1 does not make sense to dwell only on the applications of modern interface.Many, if not all, programs for desktop quite efficient in the new OS.So, at your disposal one of the best "book readersĀ» DjVu - WinDjVu.This is a free program that can not only open and read DjVu-files and print them in the format of XPS (print select XPS), then you can open without problems even by regular means Windows.