Faulty keyboard on a laptop - the problem is much more unpleasant than a similar incident on the desktop, because in the first case it is the integral part of a single unit, you can not just turn off, pulling the plug and replace it with another.The good news is that the failure of this kind - a rare event, but if you are faced with it and want to know why it happened, it is necessary to get acquainted with the most likely causes of failure.

Failure of program

Perhaps there was a failure in the operating system, and it has ceased to respond to button presses.For example, the driver refused.To test this version, reboot the notebook, go in the BIOS, hold down the Del,
if not, try F1, F2.If the keyboard responds in the BIOS, boot the computer in Safe Mode, so you can make the keyboard work in these conditions or not.

Poor contact loop

If you work with a laptop for a long time, the problem may be due to oxidation or depressed contacts keyboard loop.To find out what is really the cause of this can be, if you can just make out the laptop.Inspect the plume itself, disconnect it.If you notice visible signs of damage, which means that they are the cause of failure of the keyboard.The problem is solved by replacing the loop.If he's all normal, contacts should be wiped with alcohol, and then return the trail in place and test.

Damage microcontroller or water treatment

keyboard may fail due to the burned microcontroller or by pouring its liquid.In this case, the aid will come to you only a specialist service center to determine the hardware, defective, and you can own, but replacing them is very difficult.If the liquid is spilled on a laptop, get on board, it will lead to oxidation of its contacts in that case, the keyboard does not function fully.

spill liquid on the keyboard, turn off the laptop quickly, pull the battery and dry hair dryer at minimum speed, preferably cold air.This manipulation prevent or slow down the process of oxidation.

Handle favorite technique carefully, not poite spilled her coffee, do not drop Drum your fingers on the keyboard as if in front of you a mechanical typewriter, in gratitude laptop will last you much longer.