Tip 1: To add in a notebook RAM

Upgrading RAM memory in laptop - perhaps one of the few procedures available to a wide range of users.Despite the complexity of replacing individual components add to the laptop RAM memory simply.Many computers even have a special design, easy access to it.
before adding to the laptop RAM memory , find out the configuration of the installed devices and the ability to replace them.Including explore options for adding RAM memory and purchase the appropriate amount of trims and standard that will work in your laptop.Also some use to read the manual for repair and maintenance of your notebook model.Download it from the manufacturer.In it you will find all the necessary information regarding any operations which, if desired, may perform on their own, without resorting to service centers, saving, thus money.
Many laptop models suggest the possibility of a simplified user access to memory modules for its extension or replacement.So often there is a corresponding need to dis
assemble the entire computer, as it happens, for example, when cleaning the fan from dust or replacing the keyboard.At the same time, your notebook model can have its own design features, therefore please check your actions to dismantle the operational memory in the workshop manual.
To add in a notebook RAM memory , follow the steps in the following order:
• Completely turn off the laptop;
• disconnect all attached peripheral devices, cable, supplying power and remove the battery;
• On the bottom side of the notebook, remove the screws that hold the cover to the RAM (if your computer has the appropriate model design), and lifting, remove the cover.
• Slide the clamps holding the bar RAM memory in the appropriate slot, and gently pull the memory module .
• Collect the laptop with a new strip RAM memory in reverse order.

Tip 2: How to Add RAM to a laptop

One of the fastest ways to improve the performance of a mobile computer - an increase in the amount of RAM.For proper selection and installation of RAM boards need to consider several factors.
How to add memory to a laptop
you need
  • program Speccy.
Download and install Speccy.Use of this site developer tools www.piriform.com.Restart your computer after installing the application.This program will help you to gather all the necessary information concerning the operational memory of laptop .
Run Speccy and go to "Memory."Find a field "Number of memory slots » and "Available memory slots ».Based on the data displayed in these paragraphs, determine the required number of new modules.Usually laptop x there are two connectors for memory cards.
If you want to add memory module , find out the characteristics of the card used.Remember that the new module of RAM should not be "weaker" is already installed.This will lead to a decrease in productivity of the old strips memory .In this case it is necessary to pay attention not to the volume of the board, and on the clock frequency of its operation.
If you decide to replace the memory card , simply buy two or three (depending on the number of ports) are the same strip.Keep in mind that the installation of identical modules in a pair of slots improves the performance of RAM.
Turn off the mobile computer.Be sure to disconnect the power supply from the device or from AC power.Turn over the laptop and remove the screws, the pressing cover, which houses the memory modules RAM .Remove the cover.Remove the old board and install new ones.Make sure that the devices are tightly secured with special latches.
Close the lid and tighten the screws.Turn on your computer and run the program Speccy after booting Windows.Make sure that the new memory modules identified by the system and functioning properly.Use MemTest program to test the stability of the motherboard RAM.


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