you need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - video driver.
To check whether the driver on your computer "native" video, select the "My computer» - & gt;"Properties» - & gt;"Device Manager" and expand the list of "Display Adapters."If the list is "PnP standard video card", then the drivers for your specific device are not installed.
To install the necessary software, right-click on a standard device, select "Properties" in the window that opens, click the "Driver" and then click "Update ...".Note: The computer must be
connected to the Internet.In the window that opens, select "Automatic search for updated drivers."
After the system finds and installs the necessary software, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.After installing the device driver in the manager should be displayed by name, such as Intel (R) HD Graphics.Now you have access to all possible options for the monitor setup.
Check the brightness control function keys.Typically, F3 increases the brightness and F2 decreases.This may be other function keys, designate the corresponding icons.Depending on the BIOS settings need to press them on their own or in conjunction with key fn.
brightness of the computer screen can also be adjusted via the "Control Panel".To do this, go to "Start» - & gt;"Control Panel» - & gt;"Screen" in the left menu, select "Adjusting the brightness" and using the slider at the bottom of the window, select the required level of brightness.Here you can set the individual parameters of the monitor depending on the power plan, and establish its own energy-saving settings.
In addition, you can now adjust the monitor and the desktop.To do this, right-click on the desktop and select "graphic characteristics ..." (Adapter Intel (R) HD).Open "Control Panel graphics and media Intel (R)», where you can choose one of three possible configuration modes: "Basic", where you can change the basic settings, the "Advanced", which displays all possible settings for your monitor, or "Setup Mode ", is designed for the serial configuration parameters.In either mode, you can calibrate the basic features of the monitor resolution, color depth, refresh rate.