As a rule, all the modern matrix provides high-quality images, so when you select should be guided by the characteristics that affect the ease of use and reliability.First of all, pay attention to the screen size.Many users find that the larger the screen, the better, but it is not.Choose the size of the matrix, based on your needs and operating conditions.For example, if you travel a lot and plan to carry a laptop with you, it is better to give up the big screen as a computer to carry uncomfortable.A reasonable compromise can be considered a screen with a diagonal of 15.6 inches.It is quite easy to use, the weight and size of the notebook is quite convenient for transportation.
choosing a matrix, see its resolution.It is of the following types:

WXGA (1280x768, 1280x800).
WXGA + (1440x900).
WSXGA + (1680x1050, 1680x945).
WUXGA (1920x1200).

Letter W in the title indicates that the matrix widescreen 16:10 or 16: 9.Such is now used on most laptops.
Some matrices are characterized by high-definition images in their title contains the letters HD:

HD (1366x768).
HD + (1600x900).
FullHD (1920x1080).
sure to pay attention to the type of lighting installed.It happens with fluorescent lamps (CCFL) and based on LEDs (LED).The first type is almost out of production, notebook manufacturers are increasingly switching to LED lighting.She has a lot of advantages - low power consumption, long life, there is no need for the inverter is applied to the high-voltage fluorescent lamps.The only drawback - a higher price, but the mass production is constantly decreasing.
Acquired matrix can be matte or glossy screen.To say which option is best, definitely not, it all depends on the conditions in which you will use the laptop.The screen with a matt surface suitable for work in bright light because it gives less glare.When you work for such a screen less strain on the eyes.The glossy screen is more brightness, contrast and color accuracy, which is important when working with graphics.