Tip 1: How to increase the brightness of the laptop

Depending on what task is running at the current time, the screen laptop require different levels of brightness.For example, if you use a laptop happening in broad daylight, brightness laptop should be higher, so that the image on the screen easier to distinguish.If you use a laptop night in a dark room, brightness laptop should be somewhat lower, so that the light screen is not blinding.Brightness laptop changed by various methods.
The easiest way to change the brightness laptop screen - use special keys on its keyboard.These keys operate in almost all operating systems, and do not depend on special drivers.As a rule, these keys are hot, that is operate solely in conjunction with the special key Fn, which allows you to change the function keys.It is made specifically to attach a few key functions, which saves a lot of space.
The screen brightness can also be changed using the Control Panel on Windows, or its counterpart in alternative operating systems.Chan
ge the brightness of the screen you can select the tab (or label) with the title "Screen". adjust the brightness by this method using a special slider, the position of which is changed to the left and right (or up and down).
third way to change the screen brightness laptop is to use special software that came with your graphics card driver laptop .Icons such programs tend to "hang" in the tray of the operating system.Screen brightness changes as using sliders.However, this method is much "plays" in convenience method using the special keys on the keyboard laptop .

Tip 2: How to improve the brightness of the monitor laptop

When working on a laptop is often necessary to raise its brightness .For example, on a sunny day on the street - to improve the clarity of the image.But do not forget that the increase in the brightness of the screen always leads to an increase in electricity consumption, and thereby significantly reduces operating time laptop battery.
How to increase the brightness of the computer screen
To increase brightness screen, click "Start", then then click "Control Panel," "System and Security" and finally "Power. "At the bottom of the screen you will see the option "Screen Brightness" move the slider next to him at the right and comfortable position.This will automatically change the brightness .
It may be that your computer does not support the format settings monitor (or they are out of date), so you need to update the drivers.Usually they are included on the disc when you buy a laptop , or can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website.
Carefully read the keyboard and get to the bottom left corner of the key Fn, and a number, which is located above the numeric number keys, F1, F2, F3, etc.At some of these F-keys is an image of the sun with a down arrow, and some - up arrow.In some models, instead of the sun may be light, but instead of arrows + and - signs.Hold down the Fn key, and simultaneously press the picture and proper arrow - brightness on your laptop should be changed in the desired direction.
Note that many notebook 's initially set the parameters of different brightness when running on battery or mains.This is to ensure that when you turn off the network automatically enable the economy mode.
If you are not satisfied with these settings, you can set them as convenient to you.To do this, click "Start", then then click "Control Panel," "System and Security" and then "Power Options."In "The choice of power plan" you will find the scheme you want to change - for this click "Change plan settings".On the next page, next to the subsection "blackout", and change the time interval for the "Plugged in" and "On battery" and save the changes.
method described above you put the same value when running on battery or mains, and then when you change the brightness of these modes monitor will remain the same.


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