If you do not have the opportunity to buy an additional battery, you can manually increase the capacity of the battery (this method is suitable only for older nickel-metal hydride batteries).Battery capacity may increase by 15-20%, if you repeatedly discharge a laptop (up to turn it off), and then fully charge it.Follow this procedure at least once a month, you will not only increase the capacity of the battery, but also significantly prolong its service life.
Display - this is the main consumer of energy in the laptop.By reducing its brightness, you
can increase the time work by 25-40% relative to maximum brightness.For example, watching movies with minimum brightness, but with the lights on, enables you to run a laptop for one hour more.
to conserve the best instead of the usual screen to set the display off mode for prolonged absence of the user's activity on the computer.Complete shutdown of the screen reduces the energy consumption by 30%.On some notebook models, you can set the function of turning off the screen when you close the lid.It also significantly save battery power.
If you are going to watch a movie, using CD / DVD-ROM, you should first download the contents of the disk to the computer, since the optical media drive consumes a lot of energy.Copying is usually held at a high speed, so instead of a few hours of work CD / DVD-drive, it will run only a few minutes.This will save 15% energy.After you finish copying, be sure to remove the disc from the drive, or laptop will use it.
Using Wi-Fi adapter reduces time work laptop another 10-20%.Therefore, if you are not currently use the Internet, it is best to disable it.
Other devices also use power.Disabling unnecessary printer, flash drive, webcam, mouse, add a few minutes of work laptop .
amount of energy consumed by the processor depends on the load.Some programs are CPU intensive, even with the background laptop .For example, turning off the display flash banners on Web sites reduce CPU usage by 45%.Identify programs that consume most of the resources of the computer, you can use the "Task Manager", the opening of which occurs by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete.
Enable hibernation completely disables all subsystems laptop .Included are only a memory, the processor in the economy mode, the keyboard and touchpad.Therefore, when a short break in the best use of standby.
Hibernate - a shutdown state while retaining all data.Sleep mode is recommended at intervals greater than 20 minutes.Every time you restart instead will use the sleep mode, you will save about 10 minutes of work laptop .