for urgent repair laptop batteries need a soldering iron voltage minimum of 40 volts, breadboard knife, voltage meter (you can use a multimeter) and new elements.In contrast to the new battery, they are relatively cheap.
first fully discharge the battery and then unpack, entering it at a shallow depth in the place of gluing the seam.To do this, use a knife Prototyping.Items you will need to replace and are in plain sight.
In order to make sure that all batteries are low, use a voltage meter to
calculate its (voltage) value at the input and the output of the elements.Rated voltage for lithium-ion batteries is a value in the 3.7-4.1 volts multiplied by the number of elements, and for NiMH - 1.2 volts, and multiplied by the number of elements.When you make sure that you are discharged, proceed to the replacement of parts.Note that all elements need to replace batteries, not only faulty.
Before installing the new elements should also be discharged.Otherwise, the controller can "think" that they are defective or continue their charge until the battery to explode.Discharge elements all at once, and not alone.Connect them in parallel, negative to negative and positive to positive.As "razryazhatelya" resistor can be used to 10-20 W or regular honey.
Having started the process to replace, remove old items, starting with those that have a greater advantage.Insert the new elements should be in the opposite order.Instead of soldering is better to use the contact holders, which should be soldered connecting wires.