For most of the characteristics of modern notebooks are comparable with powerful gaming desktop computers.Unfortunately, a small body of the laptop is simply not able to accommodate a full cooling system, designed for long intensive loads.As a result, owners are faced with overheating laptops computer turns off, and even failures.

External cooling system

The instructions laptop is usually a warning that your computer should not be placed on soft surfaces, as well as impede access of air to the vents located on the bottom.If the notebook is only slightly heated, maybe it will be enough to substitute for it an additional support to increase the clearance between the body and the surface of the tab
le, as is sometimes the fans just did not have enough air for cooling. Establish a special program to monitor the temperature of the individual devices of the notebook.This will help you determine which device is heated the most.

more advanced solution - a special cooling pad.Typically, such supports are rectangular panels, which are mounted in one to four fans.They allow to solve two problems at once: first, to increase the air gap, as made of perforated plastic material, and secondly, provide housing and internal laptop more intense cooling.Meals such stands is carried out via USB-port.The disadvantages of this option include only some inconvenience with transportation and additional noise.

Cleaning dust

Finally, an effective means of cleaning a laptop.In principle, it is sometimes sufficient vacuum casing, keyboard and vents, but if the notebook has been used for a long time, then it probably the large quantity of dust, animal hair, in general, anything that hinders cooling.Laptop cleaning services provide almost all the service centers, but you can make it yourself. Avoid exposing the notebook long loads.If overheating occurs continuously, perhaps it will make sense to make short breaks every two or three hours, to give the body to cool down completely.

Please note that it is not necessary to start self-cleaning the laptop if you are not confident in their abilities and skills.The meaning of the procedure is to ensure that access to the cooler (cooling system consisting of fan and radiator) processor.As a rule, it needs to remove the cover plate and notebook cooling system evenly distributes heat to the body.After removing the cooler, disconnect the fan, and then with a vacuum cleaner, thoroughly clean the surface of the heat sink and fan blades.To provide better heat conduction between your CPU cooler and apply a fresh layer of so-called thermal paste (it can be purchased at most computer stores) and install a cooling system in place.If you did everything correctly, after assembling the notebook will be heated much less.This procedure should be repeated on a regular basis, which will extend the life of your computer.