you need
  • Laptop, matrix, screwdriver
First buy a new laptop matrix.It should match the form factor model of your laptop.Buy a new laptop display can be in a computer lounge.Even if you can not find a template for laptops on store shelves, contact the retailer.Often they are simply stored in the warehouses.If a suitable matrix is ​​not available, it is always available.
Before installation, turn off the power and be sure to remove the laptop battery.Now put the laptop to the front panel itself.Note the laptop monitor.In each of its corners have rubber plugs.These caps are glued.It is necessary to remove them.To
do this, use or needle, or a thin screwdriver.Gently slip the needle or a screwdriver under the cap.This way you release it.
plug located under each bolt.Remove them.Furthermore bolt frame is attached also via latches.Carefully disconnect the latch.Now the frame can be removed from the monitor.Latches should be disconnected easily.No need to put extra effort.
Now pay attention to securing a matrix.They have screws, remove them and then remove matrix with lid.Now remove all cables connecting matrix and laptop.Watch carefully to ensure that no more unconnected cables.
Then take a new matrix and install it in place of the old, and then connect all the cables back.Make sure that all of them were connected.Otherwise, the display will not work and you have to recheck everything again.
Tighten all screws and attach the plugs back.Now attach the battery and turn on the laptop.Check out how the display.There should be no distortion and bands.