In large cities to buy a used laptop display for all rational to treat the computer market.The computer at the same time should take with you.Even if you are able to change their own screen, the machine must show the seller that it is properly matched to her matrix.Thus it will orient than one model name.

residents of small cities and towns where there are no computer market, will have to take advantage of online auctions (such as "Hammer").If you find that the same display is available from several vendors, refer not primarily cost and distance, which will have to overcome the parcel.The screen is very fragile, and less than this distance, the less likely that it will break on the road.During communication with the seller, make sure that he knows how to pack fragile items for delivery by

not found on online auctions anything suitable, contact a virtual bulletin board.Type in any search engine the phrase "selling matrix (model name)," and if your laptop is not rare, soon you will find dozens of proposals.In this case, selecting a seller should govern not primarily cost and distance.You can place your own purchase on several electronic display boards, or in several forums to repair laptops.In the second case, it is important to use a specially designed for this section - otherwise, your message is deleted.

convenient option is to purchase a used laptop.It must be the same model.It may be defective, any components other than the screen.When repairs in this case it is advisable not to rearrange the matrix, and the whole top cover assembly - thus less likelihood of damage to the display during its replacement.This option is convenient because a faulty computer may be cheaper to purchase a separate matrix, and with it you get a set of parts, some of which may turn out to be quite efficient.