not connect to the mobile computer included power supply.First make the connection of the device, and then plug the unit into a wall outlet.Use a surge protector that protects against power surges.Permanent racing a negative impact on battery life.
In no case do not set the notebook on a soft surface such as carpets or mattresses.Do not block the vents of the mobile computer.Purchase a plastic stand.
not lift the mobile computer for display.This can damage the matrix laptop.Try not to touch the screen with his hands.Use special lint-free wipes to clean it from dust.
When you open the lid, grasp the central part.The bending body will break or damage the guide matrix.
Do not use a mobile computer on the surfaces where the device is exposed to vibrations.This c
oncerns, first of all, traveling by car and public transport.Excessive vibration can cause damage to the hard disk.
In the cold season, let your laptop naturally warm to room temperature.After the abrupt change in the environment inside the enclosure, condensation may occur, which may cause circuit.
Obtain an uninterruptible power supply, if your house using the old wiring.Its cost is not comparable to the costs that you incur for repair Power Controllers and buying a new battery.Particularly relevant UPS, if you prefer to work with a laptop without using the battery.
Before disconnecting the battery, charge it by 30-40%.This will allow the battery for a long time continue to operate.Turn off the laptop during transport.This will not only protect the hard drive, but also to prevent overheating of the mobile computer.
Regularly clean the ventilation holes laptop from dust.If you have the opportunity to connect additional PCs to the mobile keyboard.This method extends the life of the built-in input devices.In addition, spilled a cup of coffee will cost you 300, rather than 3000 rubles.