you need
  • - Vista Glazz;
  • - Vista Visual Master;
  • - Takeownership.
program Download Vista Visual Master.Install it, following the instructions of the installer, after agreeing to the terms of the license agreement.Also, download and install an additional number of small utilities: Vista Glazz (if your operating system is 32-bit, are also different versions SP1 and SP2) and Takeownership (respectively version Windows).
Run VistaGlazz, click the leftmost icon and then Patch files.Wait a while, and then restart your computer at the request of the system.
Copy from the menu, right-click the folder with the theme, the one where the file .msstyles.Open the local disk, and then the folder Windows.Go to the directory Resources and Themes, paste the copied folder.
Right-click on a free label area of ​​the table, select "Personalize."In the setup menu, select the color and appearance of windows, select the "Open classic appearance properties for more color options."You will have two themes Windows Aero, click on the one that is above and apply the changes.
Go to the Control Panel, place settings classic look, the location of the file in the list and disable the account settings in your account settings control.Restart the computer.
Run the file from the archive TakeOwnership InstallTakeOwnership, by opening it with a data compression program, and at the right point, double-click the left mouse button.
Make backup copies of files and browseui.dll shell32.dll, for this go to the folder Sistem 32, which is located in the Windows.It is necessary to be able to restore the system files of the program change status.
are in the same folder, right-click on the file and follow the browseui.dll Take Ownership, then open the menu "Properties" of the file and go to the "Security" tab.Click the "Change" button, then the menu "Administrator" check boxes of all the items, where it says "Allow ...", apply the change.
Again, right-click on the file browseui.dll, select "Properties", go to the "Security" tab, and then in the advanced settings.Click the "Advanced", click "Edit", select the list item "Administrators" and apply the changes.
Repeat the above described steps to file shell32.dll, restart your computer.
After the operating system go to "Personalization", set in the menu "Color and Appearance window" Options convenient for you.