After the installation of Windows to switch between keyboard layouts is done by simultaneously pressing the keyboard shortcut Shift and Alt.Thus, to enter text in the program or text box you need to click the left mouse button to select the cursor position, and then switch from Russian to English, by clicking the appropriate buttons on the keypad.Then you can start entering data in English.
If, for some reason, the language does not change the mode, use the language bar settings for the product.Right click on the icon RU, located on the right side of the bottom panel of Windows.In the context menu, select "Options" to bring up the settings window.
The screen displays options for working wit
h languages ​​for text input.If this field is displayed only Russian version of the layout, in the right part of the window, click "Add".You will see a list of selectable parameters.To add a standard English keyboard, among the proposed options, select "English (UK)" or "English (United States)."In the list that appears, click "Keyboards" - "British" or "keyboard" - "United States."To highlight your selection, click "OK" to complete the addition of the new language.
Use the "Apply" button and try to implement layout switching from Russian to English.At the same time make sure the input language for the icon in the notification area - while pressing the Shift and Alt you will see how the name is changed to RU EN.This icon is an indicator used currently writing language.
If to switch languages ​​using the Shift and Alt you uncomfortable, you can manually assign other button.To do this go to the tab "Switching the keyboard."In the "Shortcut keys for input languages", select "Switch input language" and then click "Change shortcut."In the list that appears, select the most convenient combination of you and then click "OK".Configuring the English keyboard layout is complete.You can close the "languages ​​and text services", using the "OK" button.