Banner extortionist

essence of viral banner is that it blocks the OS and shows "frightening" message, which indicates that the user has violated certain laws watched adult content or something like that.And for a violation you "just" need to pay the N-th number of rubles to the specified phone or e-wallet, then the user will have to code to unlock the system.

It is understood that after the payment will not change anything: the code to unlock no one sends, and the system will remain blocked.To get rid of the virus needed most.Infection with this virus often occurs due to the fact that the computer was not lined with anti-virus or it is rarely updated.In addition, the user can contribute to the emergence of the virus, downloading games, movies, music from suspicious sites.Also recently the virus "walks" in social networks

Methods for removing banner

So if your computer is "infected" with the virus, the first thing you need to know - do not pay the attackers.The sole purpose of this virus - it's money.And the more users will have to "feed" the virus, the more will be distributed this virus software.

For many users, the easiest way to remove the virus may appear to reinstall the operating system.But that's stupid way - it is not necessary for the virus to delete all of your data from your computer (except in extreme cases, when other options do not help).

The first way to get rid of the banner - the easiest and fastest.First you need to restart your computer or laptop, and as soon as the system begins to be included repeatedly press F8.You will see a menu of additional options download system where you need to select "Safe Mode with Command Prompt."In the window you need to enter two teams: «cleanmgr», and «rstrui» (without the quotes written by the team and among them it is necessary to press «Enter»).After that the banner should disappear.

You can try to remove the virus by starting the system in safe mode.To do this again need to reboot a couple of times to press the F8 key, and select "Safe Mode with network drivers."After starting the system, you should click "Start - Run" and type the command regedit.Then you need to go on the way «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon» and find the parameter 2: Shell and Userinit.In the properties of the first option, you must remove all but «explorer.exe», and in the properties of the second - to leave only «userinit.exe».After such manipulations banner obliged abyss.

If the virus got serious, and when you start your computer in safe mode, there is still a banner, then you need to take advantage of special programs.For example, you can remove the virus by using anti-virus (Kaspersky Rescue Disc, etc.) or through programs liveCD, antiSMS and so on. To do this, write the software on a disc or USB flash drive inserted into the computer and restart the system (recording software on a USB flash driveneed another working computer).After the discovery of the virus program will remove it and the banner will no longer bother.