you need
  • - computer;
  • - installation CD with Windows.
Install Chinese language support from the installation disk Windows.Go to "Control Panel", select "Regional and Language Options", select the tab "Languages" Select "Install language support with a letter to the left and complex scripts" and select "Install files for East Asian languages."A window will appear that will ask for the installation disk with the operating system Windows, insert it into the drive and start the installation process, which will allow you to install support for the Chinese language.
Mount virtual installation disk with the operating system, if you can not burn a disc.To do this, run any program emulator, download the disk image and mount it.For example, run the deamon tools, clic
k on the program icon in the system tray, select the "virtual drive", then click "Mount" and select the disk image to the operating system.
Go to "Control Panel", select "Regional and Language Options" and select the tab "Languages" to add Chinese to the system.Click "Details", then "Add" button, select the tablet, which opened in the "input language" - China PRC, and in the "Keyboard or Input Method", select Chinese Simplified Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0.Click OK.
Download Chinese fonts from the site , to set up Chinese language support.Unzip the archive, then copy all the files, go to the folder Windows / fonts, insert the fonts in this folder and open the queue.Now you can see and read the characters on the computer.
Download the file from the Microsoft site, required for installation of the Chinese language.To do this, click on the link http: // ... , also transforms download pack, which contains the necessary files here http: // / files / .Unpack the archive to a folder, run the file miutrans_rus.cmd, this file will make archiving and sort the components needed for the package.After installation, restart your computer.