Software Lenovo v580c based on the licensed version of Windows 8. If you do not load the laptop games, the battery can last up to four hours without power supply.At your disposal are also given a webcam, wi-fi, bluetooth, and even a fingerprint scanner.

Lenovo v580c - characteristics and features

Processor Intel has good functionality.The screen is 15.6 inches with a resolution of 1366x768 pixels.The display itself has a matte look, so work on it is much more convenient than the glossy screen without glare and reflections.

well copes with its task webcam.Sharpen the image - HD720r.You will be provided with comfortable communication.

processor dual-core Intel Pentium 2020M 2.4 GHz.Basic everyday tasks it performs with a bang, but modern video games will go on minimum settings.The graphics are good, the

graphics card is installed and Intel HD discrete nVidia GeForce GT 740M with 2GB of dedicated memory.

RAM Lenovo v580c four gigabytes, and the amount of hard drive - one terabyte.In general, enough memory for a normal use of a laptop.

work, the laptop Lenovo v580c not too hot, and emits virtually no noise.The notebook without features, but generally nice to look at.

Lenovo v580c - reviews about the appearance

cover coated with a material like brushed aluminum, and the rest is dominated by the gloss.The glossy surface is very easily soiled and her fingerprints, scratches, etc., so that the laptop had a neat appearance, you will have to periodically clean it with a cloth.

assembled laptop Lenovo v580c quality and hard, but the cover tends to bend under small loads.Weight devaysa comes almost three kilograms, which is not very handy during transportation.But such a model can be an excellent alternative to a home computer.Everything else, this model has a large number of connectors and ports (USB, HDMI, VGA, etc.).

purchasing laptop Lenovo v580c, you choose a good quality and a decent packaging for relatively little money.