Note the CPU and its characteristics such as performance, power consumption and heat.Experts recommend to abandon the "desktop" CPUs (except for the AMD Athlon 64 processors, which have acceptable performance for use in a mobile device), and pay attention to the processors Pentium M. It is surprising that even two years ago on the processor kernel Banias have quite acceptable performance.A new version - the core Dothan, twice the cache size, clock frequencies up to 2 GHz (and the higher the frequency, the better) - not much inferior to the desktop Pentium 4.
followed by the selection of video to start.This is particularly important elemen
t for notebooks designed for gaming.Interesting Products manufactures a Canadian company ATI.Among mobile video solutions can note card the Mobility Radeon 9600, which is the minimum for a gaming notebook.Slightly better proven Mobility Radeon 9700 and 9800 - they are more productive.Finally ideal - Mobility Radeon X700 and X800.You can also turn to the options proposed by nVIDIA: GeForce FX 5700 Go - a reasonable minimum;GeForce Go 6800 Ultra - the most advanced range of gamers.
RAM - no less important aspect when choosing a gaming laptop.Naturally, the more the better.Your options start with a volume of 512 MB, but, of course, for "heavy" toys will not be enough.Therefore, experts advise to double that amount.
Speaking of the display, then the forefront the question arises about the diagonal and resolution.17-inch displays significantly increase the size and weight of the notebook, so the best option - 15-15,4 inches.Work permit for large matrices, which are most often found in today's gaming laptops, will be 1440x900 and 1280x800 pixels respectively.
As for the keyboard, it is most important that the layout of the keys has been as close to the standard.Just pay attention to a sufficient number of USB-ports and the presence of an IEEE 1394 (FireWire) to connect a mouse, joystick or other game controllers, since the touchpad in games you will definitely enjoy.
Finally, sound capabilities.Do not expect from the built-in speakers something sleeker.You can use headphones, but not everyone is comfortable.Better wireless, so make sure there is support for Bluetooth on the laptop.