Hidden folders are created in the same way as usual, at the end of a need to change the attributes.There are several ways to create a folder .The most simple: open the "Explorer" wherever you want to place the new folder , click-free files in the window, right-and from the menu, select "New" - "Folder."
On Windows Vista and Windows 7 in the "Explorer" has a panel that has a button "New Folder."Clicking on it, you will create a folder in the window that is currently open.In Windows XP, create a folder enable graphic icon on the toolbar at the top of the window.
You can also select "File" menu select "New" - "Folder."In Windows Vista and Windows 7 in order to display the
"File" menu, you must first press the «Alt».
Once the folder is created with one of the above methods, name it.You can leave the name "New Folder", assigned by default.
Now click on the right mouse button and from the menu select "Properties".This window is opened by a combination of hot keys «Alt» + «Enter».
In the window in the tab "General" find the settings area, entitled as "attributes."There will be a point of "Hidden".Put a tick in front of it and click "OK".
opens "Confirm attribute parameters", which you will select just hide this folder or even all the files and subfolders it contains.Select the desired option and click "OK".The folder is hidden.
The second method allows you to hide folder a completely different way.From the point of view of the directory is to be common, but from a user perspective, it is absolutely not visible or barely visible.To do this, create a folder one of the methods described at the beginning of the instructions.
Instead of calling folder , hold down the Alt key and type the Num-pad three digits: 255. It will get "empty" name, ie, will appear as anonymous.
Now open the "Properties".Select the tab "Settings".At the bottom is the subtitle of "Icons of folders."Click the "Change Icon."Among the options the system get a blank icon, which is nothing.Select it and click "OK".Now, without the folder icon and no name is not visible to those who do not know about it.