you need
  • Registry Editor, system tools "Group Policy."
If « Manager tasks » does not boot after typing the following commands, then on your computer just sits a virus:
- the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del;
- the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Esc;
- "Start" menu - "Run» - taskmgr;
- right-click on the "Panel tasks » - « Manager tasks ».
This is due to the fact that any PC user can remove the virus file, if run « Manager tasks ».You can do differently.The easiest option - to download the software, which works on the same principle as the manager, thus can be removed from the file of the virus process.
But installing additional software loads the registry and the system as a whol
e, so you can work a little for the sake of the return of the native manager.To do this, click "Start" - "Run" - type gpedit.msc - click «OK» - In the dialog box "Group Policy."
Select the "Group Policy" - "Policy" Local Computer "-" User Configuration "-" Administrative Templates "-" System "-" Possibilities of Ctrl + Alt + Del ».
Activate the double left-click option "Remove Manager tasks » - call the window "Properties: Remove Manager tasks » - set the switch is set to "Off" - click "Apply"- «OK».After the surgery done to restart the computer.
Next you should run the registry editor, if it is, of course, is not blocked by the same virus.If blocked, then still have to download the software that works similarly to the standard editor (Reg Edit, Reg Organizer).And if you block the Registry Editor did not happen, do the following: Click "Start" menu - "Run" Input Command regedit - press «OK».
In the window, locate the following folder: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / WindowsCurrentVersion / Policies / System].Search for the following key REG_DWORD DisableTaskMgr.Set the new value of this key to "0".You can also remove the key, but not a branch.