open standard file manager for all versions of OS Windows - Explorer.To do this, click a couple of times on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop of your system, or use keyboard shortcuts win + e (a Latin character).
Navigate the directory tree to the folder where you stored the file type that you do not like.If you can see the extension of this file in the Explorer window, click the right mouse button and use the "Rename" from the opened context menu.Press the end, to move the insertion point to the end of the name, and repl
ace the existing extension to the one that corresponds to your desired file type.Then press enter, to finish editing the file name.At the confirmation prompt, change extension click "Yes."
If Explorer hides file extensions from you, then you have a choice - change the setting, forcing him to do it, or change the extension of a little less convenient.If you do not intend to permanently change the file type, it is easier to choose the second option.In this case, click on the file, right-click and use the lowest point in the context menu ("Properties"), open the window "Properties of the file."The top box on the "General" tab of this window will contain the full name of the file, including its extension and - edit it as needed, and click OK.
If you decide to lift the ban for the Explorer to display file extensions, press the alt, and in the menu Explorer select "Folder Options."On the "View" locate the line "Hide extensions for known file types" and remove the check mark.Then click OK.You will be able to change the file extension in the manner described in the second step.