Check the system requirements, hardware and software compatibility, define the parameters of the separation disc, select the appropriate file system for the new system: FAT, FAT32, NTFS.Careful planning can make your installation of Windows more effective, helping to avoid potential problems.After you make sure that you have selected all the necessary, you can start the installation process.
Remove the old system and install the new one by the following method: boot with MS-DOS floppy disk, go to the command line, create a new partition command FDISK, reboot, format created partition, and then proceed to install the systemDisk.
Start downloading a Windows XP CD-ROM.You can press F6, if you want to install additional SCSI adapters or othe
r storage devices.If you are prompted to provide the carrier with the driver, make sure it's right at your fingertips.The installation program will start downloading the necessary files and drivers.
want to install Windows XP.Press ENTER.Read the license agreement and press F8, if you take it.Select or create a partition on which you install Windows XP.
Run the installation and wait until all the necessary files from the installation point (CD, or network resource).Next, the computer will reboot, and installation will continue in graphical mode.
Click "Change regional settings", if necessary.Specify the language system, it affects the way will show the date, time, currency, and numbers.Select the current keyboard layout.
Enter the computer name and password for the administrator account.Install and configure network components.Next you will be asked to register your copy and make its authorization.Installation complete!