you need
  • computer with the operating system Windows XP.
work system starts with its start-up and loading all components.The whole complex load can be divided into 4 blocks of processes, the first of which is called the "initial loading phase".There is a transition from the normal operation of the processor in the safe becauseinitially you need to load the drivers of all the file systems that are supported by Windows XP (NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32).
Then the reading of the file boot.ini.If it has a few lines, a menu appears with the appropriate number of operating systems.This is true only for systems on Windows-based platform.To select a particular type load user presses F8.This stage is referred to as the second unit processes "Selecting a system".
next block of processes called "the determination of iron."Here is the opening of the file main function of this application - determination of the installed hardware as well as the reading of the key components Hardware (registry branch HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE).After that there is the main core of loading Windows XP, files that are located in System32.
Following is loaded drivers for all devices registered in the system when it is installed.The new devices will appear in the registry, and install their software is postponed until the welcome screen.
last stage - "Select configuration".First, open the file smss.exe, which is responsible for the applet "User Accounts" and the entire operating interface.The same file gives the command to open the file win32k.sys, whose main task is the launch of the graphics subsystem.
completion of the entire complex of these operations is the start of the file winlogon.exe: the screen displays the Welcome screen, where you have to select an account and enter a password (if any).