Install and run the Office XP.When you first start will automatically open the Activation Wizard, which will help you to perform this procedure.Office XP can be activated in three ways: via the Internet, on the phone and using the activation key without registration.It is better to use the first two options, since the registration of the product by Microsoft makes it possible to activate a perpetual license.The latter option assumes that you intend to enable the end-user license, which means that the product will stop working in full mode after 12 months.
Check the "flag" corresponding to your abilities activation option and click "Next".If you have access to the Internet, or rather just choose to activate through it, because it's much faster.On the next page to check out the "Privacy Policy Microsoft
Office┬╗ and then click "Next".
Enter information about yourself that will prompt the Setup Wizard in the next step.Please note that the only field that can not be left blank - this is your location: country and region.In the US since 2001 to activate the license via the Internet or the phone is impossible.
If you choose to activate by phone, you will see two numbers (paid and free).Please call one of them and follow the voice mailbox by pressing the corresponding numbers as answers (here you have to enter the key that is specified on the label installation disc).Be sure to write down the activation code that you will be dictated by the robot.
Enter the code on the next page setup wizard and click "Next."If no errors, you have not made, the wizard will congratulate you on the successful activation.
The same will happen with the activation through the Internet.Just call anywhere you do not have.After you enter the user data, Office will offer you ways of getting special offers from Microsoft.Which best describes you or even give up the subscription.Click "Next".The program will send a request to the company and the product is activated automatically.Upon completion, restart the program.