you need
  • - distribution of Linux;
  • - free space on the hard disk.
Select the appropriate distribution of Linux.Their distributions produces many developers, so it is important to find the option that you enjoy.One of the most popular distributions is Ubuntu.OS exists in several versions that differ desk.Before choosing to be viewed in the network description of the various desktops and select the most appropriate.
If you are used to working with Windows, look at the distribution of Linux Mint.Its exterior design is very similar to Windows, so the transition to Linux can pass easily and smoothly.There are other distributions of Linux - Mandriva, OpenSUSE, and dozens of other
s, their description is easy to find on the Internet.The vast majority of Linux distributions are distributed free, you can download online.
If you want to have on your computer were just two operating systems, you must first install Windows.Linux OS placed second, under it is necessary to allocate a separate space on the disk size of 50 GB or more.Format it in Windows and install Linux is in him.Better yet, just delete this section, leaving it as unallocated space on the disk.
Record downloaded from the network OS image onto a CD.Then, restart the computer and run the installation from a CD.Modern Linux distributions are intuitive to the user, installation is quick and easy.Just follow the on-screen prompts - choose your language, time zone.Partition provide the OS.If the menu has a variety of desktop, select the one that you like.
Select when you install programs that you need, or leave all the default, then you will always be able to install any applications you need or delete unnecessary.After copying all of the files being installed OS loader, which provides a choice of OS when the computer starts.Then congratulate you on the successful installation of the operating system and will be offered to restart the PC.At the start, you will see a menu where you can choose a Linux or Windows.
Remember that Linux users generally do not have to separately install drivers, they are sewn in the system kernel.Detection equipment is automatic, so after installing the OS, you will immediately receive a working system with a customized internet.There is a minimum set of programs, including the browser.