Tip 1: How to edit Register

Register of Windows - is a hierarchical database, which contains the service information system.Incompetent change its settings can lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences, right up to the need to reinstall the system.However, sometimes it is necessary to edit the registry manually.
Choose series "Start" and "Run."In the window "Open" type regedit, and then opens a window "Registry Editor."In the left pane, you will see the registry keys designed as folders, in the right - key values.To change the value, double-click on its name and enter the new data to the "value".
Before you change the contents of the register, it is better to back it up in case of an unsuccessful outcome of your actions.In the "File" menu, choose the command "Export".In the "File Name" enter the appropriate text.From the "File Type" select the desired type.To keep the shrub section, first, open the registry.In the "Files of Type" select "registry hive files."
If the changes you made in the reg
istry have been unsuccessful, you can return it to the original version.Use the "Import" from the "File" menu.To import the entire registry, locate the file, highlight it and click "Open."To restore the value of a single hive of the registry key, open the partition.In the "File Name" enter the path to the saved file.From the "File Type" select value "registry hive file" and click "Open."If you save the settings as a registry file with the extension .reg, just click on him twice to the content were imported to the registry.
To add a key or value in the registry, use the command "New" from the "Edit" menu.In the left pane, select the editor section, which are going to add the bush.Enter the name of the bush and press Enter.When you add a parameter, specify the type, and then in the "Name", enter the appropriate code and press Enter.

To remove a parameter or section can use the option "Delete" from the "Edit" menu.Another method - the context menu by right-clicking on the section name or a parameter and select "Delete."

You can prohibit changing the parameters sections.To do this, start Windows in safe mode and call the "Registry Editor."In "Edit" menu, choose the command "Permissions" and check the credentials for each account.

Tip 2: How to fill in tax registers

Since 2011, entered into force on order of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, according to which businesses, individual entrepreneurs are obliged to file tax registers PIT.They are made for each employee of the company and stored for at least four years.The document must contain a number of mandatory particulars that are regulated by legislation.
How to fill in tax registers
you need
  • - Ministry of Finance Order;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - documents of an employee;
  • - payslip;
  • - Tax Code.
tax registers develops the organization, guided by the rules prescribed in the orders of the Ministry of Finance of Russia.The compiled form enter the name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents or the surname, initials of an individual if the BPA company is a sole proprietorship.Specify INN, KPP your company or INN (for SP).
Write personal data of the employee to whom the wages in the amount specified in the calculation sheet for a particular month.Enter INN employee address in the Russian Federation, passport details (number, series).This information is written similarly Help 2-PIT.
Specify the type of income paid in accordance with the developed code list prescribed in the order of RF Ministry of Finance dated 17 November 2010.The document is a procedure for completing tax registers on personal income tax.When you register compiled form, consider this requirement in advance and make the codes to further make it easier to enter data into it.
Write code and the amount of deductions provided by the staff member.Use the above order legislation.
Enter the amount of income in a given month, and the date of issue of the wage skilled.Accordingly, if a local act of the date of its issue is the 10e day of the month, and then it should enter at this point.
Enter the status of the taxpayer.It determines the tax rate.If an individual is not a resident in the territory of the Russian Federation for less than 183 days, his income is taxed at the rate of 30%.Wages of residents is subject to personal income tax at the rate of 13%.
Write the date of the personal income tax deduction and the date of transfer to the national budget.The latter should be the date of debiting the funds from the account of the company indicated in the payment order.The first will be the date of issue of salaries to employees of the payroll.
Payments on sick leave for pregnancy, childbirth and the amount of money paid to an employee for personal injury in the tax register of the personal income tax are not included.Yet it does not include the amount of money, which are one-time.Regular payments are subject to personal income tax.
  • Create a tax register of the personal income tax
Helpful Hint
Use the "Help" menu for more information on the registry.


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