Metro interface was the major innovation in Windows 8 compared to Windows 7. It is an alternative and a lightweight version compared to the standard desktop Aero.

The system, however, does not exclude the possibility of working in the standard interface - most of the programs currently run it through the "Desktop".However, you can view weather and the latest news, read the notes, to run some programs and download them to the "app store."These functions are especially useful to owners of steel plates, which began to be established this system.Thus Metro has a fast operating speed and may be a useful adjunct to the system for each user. You can set shortcuts to launch programs in the interface Metro, whi
ch will allow faster access to applications.

speed of

by facilitating Metro work with numerous computer functions are also accelerated.You can quickly switch between running programs on your computer as a keyboard with the keys Alt key and Tab, and through a special window manager that is available when you hover the mouse cursor in the upper left part of the screen.At the same time, you can go to the settings by moving the cursor to the right and selecting the appropriate option in the sidebar.


System 8 version has an updated design, new color schemes, and a variety of additional effects.Microsoft Office 2013, focused more on the Windows 8 has received a similar design.There have also been modified, window decorations, tags, status window of copying and deletion.

other functions

considerably been improved Task Manager, which now has two modes of use, which is good for usability.The program is equipped with new features such as "analysis of the work" and Startup Manager.With the help of Windows 8 developers also managed to improve system performance, especially in version 8.1. system received an optimized loading - Windows will start or stop the computer, which can also be a tangible benefit.

However, some users may find the new interface system inconvenient, since it is primarily intended for users of touch screens - the use of a mouse in Metro does not seem comfortable for all users.