According to senior vice president of Microsoft Dan Lewin, Windows 8 in its final version will go on sale in the autumn of the year two thousand and eleven.Most users will be able to buy the new OS in November.Until recently made available a pre-beta version that focus on partners Microsoft, notebook manufacturers as well as companies producing software.

In Windows 8 have been made to speed up the work of loading the operating system, reducing the time from sleep, increase energy efficiency.

"Start" menu, present in all versions since nineteen ninety-five, in the "eight" removed.The interface includes a feature that there are two options: the classic with a desk and a conductor, and a new version of Metro with movable tiles.Much work has been done to adapt the new operating system to work with touch screens.T
his is due to the growing demand for tablets.

Currently available on the Microsoft website to download the beta version of Windows 8 Release Preview.Before the release of the official version of the fall of two thousand eleven years it can be introduced significant changes.

According to Microsoft upgrade to the new version of Windows will cost users $ 39.99.Upgrading to Windows 8 Pro will be the same amount, provided that the new operating system is loaded from Microsoft.DVD c upgrade will cost $ 69.99.Prior to the thirty-first of January two thousand thirteenth year of the update will be discounted, after prices change.

utility of Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant will stay tuned evaluating system requirements and compatibility parameters are the old and new operating systems.

upgraded to eighth version, XP users keep personal files, users of Vista - plus configuration files, users of "Seven" - files, settings, applications.