you need
  • - wet wipes for computer equipment;
  • - a can of compressed air.
not place the laptop in places where it may be exposed to vibration and strong magnetic radiation.Place it at least 15 cm away from the refrigerator, the TV and other household appliances.Protect your device from bumps and jolts, they are able to damage the matrix laptop.Do not lift the laptop for the monitor.To avoid damaging the cable, do not turn the laptop when it is plugged in.
Install laptop only on a smooth, flat surface that does not block ventilation openings.Do not work with a device that is on the bed or sofa, as a laptop accumulates heat
that can lead to overheating of the machine.Do not hold the device in his lap.This not only increases the risk of an accidental fall, but can negatively affect your health.Prolonged work with a laptop who are on their feet, can cause thermal burns to unprotected parts of the body.If you can not place the device on the table, put the stand on your knees (for example, a large book) and put on her laptop.
Do not expose the device to low temperatures (below 0 ° C) and very high (over 50 ° C) temperatures.Do not leave the device in direct sunlight, such as inside a car on a hot summer day.A sharp temperature drop is also detrimental to the laptop.Before you turn it on, came in from the cold, wait at least an hour.
Another serious enemy of the laptop is dust.Do not hold the device in an unventilated contaminated areas.Dirt and dust particles that fall to the elements of the device, can significantly degrade its performance.Regularly clean the outside of the ventilation system and removable of the notebook can of compressed air or special vozduhootduvkoy.The purity of the keyboard and monitor are supported through special wet wipes for computer equipment.