First, you will need the installation disc with the operating system Windows.The CD can be purchased at the store, ask friends or downloaded from the Internet.If you do decide to download from the Internet and burn and make a disk or USB-drive boot, we'll discuss this in the next article.

Second, go into the BIOS and load our boot disk with the operating system.We can only wait until the system sets, it is desirable not to press anything.What better than a Windows install on your PC or laptop?As mentioned earlier, one of the most popular and user-friendly is of Windows.

Currently the most common systems - it's Windows XP

, 7, 8 and Vista.The peak of popularity of Windows XP was observed from 2003 to 2011.So it is outdated today, she copes with problems.But, given that many of the programs and games designed for earlier versions of the system.Therefore, if you intend to use the latest software and games - I advise you to install this version of the system.Windows Vista - came out in 2007.She did not become popular, the only advantage over XP is its design with a variety of effects, etc.It is very inconvenient to use, after XP for example, I could not get used to it.I advise you not to install.

Windows 7 - that it is already the most popular to date.It is what it looks like on Vista, but it is much easier, faster and more stable compared with XP, do not need to frequently reset.Less than retarding.Windows 8 is - this is the latest version.You can say it changed "seven", it is much faster, flat design (no shadow and volume) and there is no Start button.

Thus one can tell if you have a PC is obsolete is certainly better to install XP, and if more than the newer "seven" or "eight" - the choice is yours.