After installing OS Windows within 30 days, you must activate your copy, otherwise not be able to work with her.To activate the version of Vista, click "Start" and subsequently select the item "Computer", "properties" and "Click here to activate."
If you have Windows XP, in the "Start" menu, choose the option "All Programs", then "Accessories," "System Tools" and click "Activate Windows».
If you want to activate your copy via the internet, choose, choose the option "Yes, activate over the Internet."Select "Privacy Statement activate Windows», click "Back", then "Next".
You will be prompted to choose to activate a copy or to register and activate.If you choose the second option, then you pass Microsoft subsidiary some contact details: name, company, address, phon
e number or email address.Then you can subscribe to the newsletter from Microsoft.Check "Yes, to register and activate the" click "Registration Privacy Statement," click "Back", then "Next".Fill in the registration form.In order to continue use the "Next" button.
If you choose only the activation, select the "No, do not register, only activate" and click "Next".The Setup Wizard will connect itself to the activation server and will process the request.After completing the activation, you receive a message.Click "OK" to confirm.
If you want to activate Windows by phone, choose the option "Yes, activate Windows by telephone."Select "Privacy Statement activate Windows», press "Back" and "Next".You will need to report to the Centre setting the activation code that is displayed during the installation of Windows after entering the product key.
You can set your copy of Windows on the same computer as much as necessary.Activation Wizard connects information about your hardware configuration and product key, so the new activation after reinstalling Windows is required in the following cases:

- a serious upgrade - for example, the simultaneous replacement of the hard drive and RAM;

- Formatting a hard drive, in which data is lost on activation;

- malicious virus activity, which destroyed the data.