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Making choice of operating system is based on the objectives of the user and the configuration PC.To date, the most popular operating systems - Windows XP and Windows 7. There is also Windows Vista, but it was not able to displace Windows XP.Especially Windows 7, - is, in fact, modified Vista.
First of all, abstracted from the power of your computer.If you have a computer of average power with a small amount of RAM, you should pay attention on Windows XP.This operating system is not so much demanding on hardware resources compared to Windows 7. If you have the amount of RAM is less than 2 gigabytes
, the preference is to give in Windows XP.It is on this operating system you will be able to work comfortably.
Also, if you play video games, please note that on Windows XP, with an average power of the PC game will work much better, and Windows 7 can inhibit or do not run.Of course, Windows 7 delivers advanced technology in video games, such as DirectX 11, but really feel them only on a powerful PC with the latest graphics cards that support this technology.
If you have a powerful computer with at least two gigabytes of RAM, and at least to the average dual-core processor, the best option is to install Windows 7. This is the new operating system that supports all the latest technology and has a beautiful interface.Despite the fact that Windows XP is still popular and demanded operating system, the future of Windows 7. All modern program was written by the operating system.In addition, holders of the new cards could fully enjoy the high-quality graphics in video games.