Password in Windows 7 can be changed via the settings of your account.In this menu accessed via the control panel.First, open the "Start" menu, which is located on the taskbar at the bottom.
In the "Start" menu, select "Control Panel", which is located on the left side.Control panel - it's part of the user interface Microsoft Windows.With it you can perform the basic steps of setting up the system, for example, install or uninstall programs, manage your account, including special features and perform other actions.
In Windows 7 of the control panel is different from the one that was in previous versions of the system.Click "User Accounts and Family Safety."The control panel displays two sub-items: "Adding and deleting user accounts" and "parental control setting for all user
s."But to change the password of the system to choose the main point.
This takes you to the menu Account Management.The first item on the menu is a common item "User Accounts."The following three paragraphs indicated.Select "change password Windows».
In the new menu, you can not only change the password of the system, but also to remove it, change the image type and the name of the account.In addition, management will bring you a different account and change the parameters of the UAC.Select "change your password."
Enter your current password and then twice the new password that you want to install the system.You can use the tips on how to create the most secure password, and set a password hint.Note that if you include the password in uppercase, this is exactly what will have to enter it each time you log in.In addition to a word you can choose a passphrase.
the Council on strong passwords include the following characteristics: the password must contain at least eight characters, do not include the company name or user name and a complete word, but also significantly different from previous passwords.Also, the letters should add numbers and symbols.The final step - confirm the password change.If you decide not to change it, you can select "Cancel" or simply close the window to change the password.
recovery record to the computer, use a combination of Ctrl + Alt + Delete.From arisen menu of five items, select "Lock your computer."When entering a password, pay attention to CapsLk button and make sure that it has not been pressed.