In general, the installation of the system on a laptop is no different from the installation on a personal computer.An exception can only be the situation when the notebook because of its design is not equipped with CD-drive, and use the usual installation disc, you can not.Bootable CD into a laptop paste does not work, instead the need to use a bootable USB drive.USB flash drive, so you can easily make on any computer that can read CDs and write data to removable storage media.
With the installation of the OS to handle even a child
No matter what media you will install the operating system on a laptop, set the parameters in the BIOS so that the laptop starts to boo
t from the media on which you stored the installation filesystem.Once the file is started, select the partition of the hard drive on which you would like to see in the future OS laptop.If the laptop is set only one hard disk, it is best to install in even the formatting process to split it into two parts.One of the logical drives you at the same time will work, and on the second you can store your files without fear of losing them in the event of a crash the operating system.When you install the operating system you need to follow the prompts and enter all the data requested during the installation process.After a while, the system will be installed, and you will see the welcome screen of the user.
Just follow the prompts on the screen of the laptop
But do not hurry.It is possible that your laptop will need another installation of drivers - special mini-programs that ensure the correct operation of the component parts of the laptop.All the necessary drivers can be found on the supplied CD to your laptop special, and if such a disc is not present, it is necessary to look at the manufacturer's website.Each manufacturer lays out several options for drivers for each model, which one suits you best, you decide for yourself, based on your operating system.After installing drivers and your laptop is ready for use, and you can customize it for themselves, selecting the desired additional Apps.
Driver installation will complete the installation of the OS on a laptop