you need
  • - computer on Linux.
Restore the current root password, you can only by adjusting the so-called method Bruteforce.If there is physical access to a computer, replace the current root password to the new one.Boot the system in single user mode, thus you will cause the kernel to run a shell bash.
If your computer uses the boot loader Grub, select from the list of required core, press E to edit the boot options.Select the line Kernel, again press E. Add the characteristic load, enter the command init = / bin / bash.Then click Enter, return to the previous menu and press the button to load B.
Follow the preparations for the replacement of the password, if the system uses a boot loader LILO.Exit the graphic mode by pressing Tab, enter the label using the k
ernel init = / bin / bash.
Proceed to mount the root partition to use the mode of "Read / Write".To do this, enter the command # mount / -o remount, rw.Next, type the password change Root - # passwd root /.After that, a message appears that the password change was successful Root.Mount root again in the mode ro.To do this, use the command # mount -o remount, ro.Then reboot command # reboot.
Boot from Livecd, to change the password for Root.Start a terminal under Root.To start, set the name of the partition on which the system is installed.This is done with the command # fdisk -l.Make this section writable from the boot disk.Create a directory for the mount point, then mount the partition.
Then declare a file system that is located under / dev / hda1 as the root.This will start a shell Bash.Now change the password to a new system.Then exit the interpreter, unmount the partition.Now a lost password was successfully changed to a new one.