Remove the write protection on the floppy disk body - it is shifting "curtain" in the hole located at the left rear corner.Then, slide the disk into the slot drive - evidence that magnetic media is correctly positioned, it will be fairly loud click.
Run usual file manager that is used by your operating system.If this is Microsoft Windows, the Windows Explorer opens it by double-clicking on the icon "My Computer", located on the desktop.If you can not find it there, use a combination of "hot keys» win + e or open the main menu on the button "Start", right-click the line "Computer" in the popup context menu, select "Explorer."
Use the directory tree
in the left pane of Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder containing the files you want to copy to a floppy disk.If some of these files, then select them all.To select a group of files in the list one by one, click on the first one, then press the shift key and without releasing it, click on the last file sequence.To select files, located in different areas of a single list of all pereschelkayte mouse, hold down ctrl.
Press the key combination ctrl + c, to be placed in the clipboard list of selected files.The same can be done by clicking on the highlighted area, right-clicking and selecting from the drop shortcut menu "Copy."
Click in the left pane of the Windows Explorer icon in the drive and wait a few seconds until the reader in the floppy disk will spin up to speed and get acquainted with its content.Then press the key combination ctrl + v, to insert a list of files contained in the clipboard, and the drive will start the recording process to a floppy disk copies of your selected files.