you need
  • - computer;
  • - program Restorator.
Open the folder System32, which is in the system folder of Windows.Find it logonui.exe file and copy it to any safe place.Copy the original file will protect you in case of unwanted changes.If you do not like the result, you can always revert to the standard screen greeting .
Download software Restorator (distributed for free) and install it.Start the program and in the main menu, click "Open File".In the dialog box, specify the path to the file myui.exe, which is located in the System32.
After opening the file you will see all the resources that are available for editing, including inscriptions, images, positions of different objects, etc.Change the background image (better to use a good resolution), change the standar
d colors of different windows.You can also change the text of the inscription "Welcome" or set the image instead.To do this, change the resource settings String Table (the string "Welcome"), this is the parameter responsible for displaying the phrases in the middle of the screen.Enter the string in the desired word or phrase.
To replace the word in the image, remove the parameter UIFILE 1000 the entire contents of lines 912 and 911. Insert the following code:
999 - the name of the resource that will be responsible for the picture.Add resource group Bitmap, giving it the name 999 and "tied" to his image.
120 - the height of the figure.
399 - the width of the picture.
After making any changes, save the file.Next, open the Registry Editor by typing regedit.In the search box, enter the option UIHost, open it.Change the default value to the value of your modified file myui.exe.Close the windows registry and reboot your computer.The new screen greeting installed.