memory, also called RAM, using a high-speed processing, delivers the cache to the processor to perform operations.But the thing is that the RAM is physically limited value.It can be different on different computers depending on the number of memory slots on the motherboard, as well as their volume.On modern computers is 2, 4, 6 GB of RAM.However, some applications do not have enough of the amount of memory to handle their processes.Then something comes to the rescue and the swap file - high-speed hard disk space (HDD), reserved for expansion of memory.
File swap can be increased via the service applications of the operating system Windows.Go to the system folder "My Computer", click on any empty space right mouse button and select the context menu "Properties".This opens a window "System".In his left menu
, click on "Advanced system settings."
to display the utility for setting properties of Windows.In the "Performance" click "Settings."This starts a new window "Performance Options".In it, navigate to the tab "Advanced" .Here is found section "Virtual memory" and description file swap , as well as its volume.To set a new volume, click the "Change ...".
In the next service window "Virtual Memory" set the switch next to the line "Show size », eating put a switch - "The size of the selection system," or "No file swap ».
in the cell with the words "Source size », enter the amount of memory listed below in front of the parameter "Recommended."In the next cell, entitled "Maximum section" enter a value of at least 10-20% more than the value recommended by entering values ​​ sistemoy.Posle file swap in both cells, click the "Set" and "OK", thenand click "OK" in all previous office windows.