all the settings of your account can be accessed through the control panel.First we need to open the "Start" menu.It is located on the taskbar at the bottom and a round button is designated with a flag of the four fragments.
In the "Start" menu you must select "Control Panel", which is located on the left side.The control panel is part of the user interface of the operating system Microsoft Windows.With it you can perform the basic steps of setting up the system, for example, to install or remove programs, including special features, select your desktop themes and topics, etc.
In Windows 7 of the control panel is different from the one that was in previous versions of the system.To manage your account, select the menu item "User Accounts and Family Safety."
The control panel displays two sub-items: "Adding and deleting user accounts" and "parental control setting for all users."But to change the user account, the main point.
This will open the Account Management menu.The first item on the menu is a common item "User Accounts."That he needed to change his account.In the new window, you can change the password, the drawing account, its name and type, as well as change the UAC.
If you decide to change the picture of your account, select the appropriate option.A window with several pictures.The image will be displayed on the welcome screen and "Start" menu.To confirm your selection, click on the button "change the picture."If the selection of pictures seem meager, it is possible to select a different picture.In this case, the image account, select any image from the document.
If you want to change your account name, select the menu item.As in other cases, a new window opens.You can enter any name within twenty characters.To confirm and save your changes, click the "rename".To return to the previous menu without changing the account name, click on "Cancel".
If the computer has multiple users, each account can be set up her style: normal access or administrator.In the first option, you can use most software and change the parameters of the system, which will not affect the settings of other users and the security of your computer.Administrators have full access to the computer and can do any changes.Please note that your computer must have at least one administrator user.
You can also create additional user accounts and manage other accounts, via the menu item "Manage another account."The new window will display all user accounts on the computer.To create a new select the bottom "to create the account."By default, the second account is under the name "Guest."