To change the starting screen saver in Windows 7, open the "Start" menu, and place the text cursor to the line "Search programs and files" by clicking it once with the left mouse button.
Type in the search command «regedit» in the list of results, click once with the left mouse button line «regedit.exe».Opens you edit the registry.
In the navigation pane, expand the roster «HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE», clicking once with the left mouse button on the arrow to the left of its name.Then successively open the following folders: «SOFTWARE», «Microsoft», «Windows», «CurrentVersion», «Authentication», «LogonUI».
opened a folder, select the line «Background», by clicking the left mouse butt
on once.The preview will appear on the right registry settings.
quickly reach the desired settings can also be through a standard search engine on the roster.To do this, press the key combination «Ctrl + F» on the keyboard and in the text field "Find" enter query «OEMBackground».
Right-click on the line «OEMBackground» in the pop-up menu, select "Change ...".Dialog box "Edit DWORD (32-bit)."
text box "Value" dialog box, change the "0" to "1" and click "OK".Then close the Registry Editor.
Open the library "Computer", go to the local C drive (or another drive on which Windows is installed), open the folder «System32», and then a subfolder «oobe».
In the opened folder, create a subfolder «info».To do this, click on the empty space of the viewport, move your mouse over the line "Start", select "Folder" and enter the name of the «info».
a folder you created «info» create another subfolder «backgrounds», following the steps №9.
The created subfolder «backgrounds» insert an image file that you want to set as the start-up.To do this, open the directory that contains the file you want, click the left mouse button once, and press the key combination «Ctrl + C» on the keyboard.Then go to the folder you created «backgrounds», and press «Ctrl + V».
Rename the copied image file by clicking the right mouse button and select 'Rename' from the context menu.Enter the new file name - «backgroundDefault» and press the «Enter» key on the keyboard.
13 Restart your PC to save the changes and check the start-up.