Click on the "Start" button on the control panel, select "Programs" and go to "Administration".Right-click on the icon «Active Directory - Users and Computers" and select the command "Connect to Domain Controller."This action does not need to perform if you are on a domain controller role that you intend to convey.
Pass role , which are separate for each of the domains: the infrastructure master, RID master and the primary domain controller.To do this, select the appropriate domain controller, and then click OK.Right-click on the icon component «Active Directory - Users and Computers" and select the "Operations Masters."
Open dialog box "Change Operations Master" and select the tab RID,
PDC, or "Infrastructure", which should correspond to the transmitted role .Click "Change" to confirm the transfer of the role , click OK.Then again, click OK and close the dialog box by pressing "Cancel".
Follow the same procedure to transfer role of domain naming master.However, in this case, a component of «Active Directory - Domains and Trusts."
Register a special tool to transfer the role schema master.To do this, click "Start" button, register the command «regsvr32 schmmgmt.dll» and press Enter.After a while, the message operation completes registration.After this, go to "Start" and mount "mmc" command in "Run".A menu appears, "Console" in which select "Add or Remove Snap-in" click on "Add".
Select Snap "Driving Active Directory», click OK, and close the dialog box.Right-click on the icon that appears "Driving Active Directory» and select the "Change Domain Controller", enter a name and click OK.Next, go to the team, "Operations Masters", pass the role and save your changes.