Tip 1: How to remove the "Start"

Windows operating system has a familiar interface features: the program launched in the windows, the windows are grouped together in the taskbar, the program can be run using the shortcut on the desktop or via "Start" menu."Start" button has become so characteristic that it is difficult to imagine without the appearance of the desktop.However, some users have resorted to some tricks to remove the button.
you need
  • - Administrator rights.
found through search engines and download to your computer utility Start Killer.You can download directly from the site softodrom.ru.Be sure to check the downloaded information to antivirus software, since such requests may lead to sites with malware.Start the Start Killer.It requires no installation and simply run with the help of the installation file.The essence of the utility is that it removes the "Start" menu.It is necessary to unload the utility from the system memory, the button "Start" appears in its usual place.You can do this through th
e "Task Manager", killing process program.
Call the "Start" menu without the button by pressing the CTRL and ESC key or by Windows.To delete a program from memory can be in the "Device Manager" system.If you do not like the presence of an extra memory tools, hide the "Start" button systemic methods.Right-click in an unused area on the taskbar and click on "Properties".Check the box for the item "Auto-hide the taskbar".
other built-in methods for removing the button "Start" is not available.Developers of Windows could hardly suggest that users may need to remove the interface from a convenient and useful in every sense of the main menu button.Also worth noting is that the operating system of a personal computer is better not to change any system settings, because inexperienced users can just break the whole system work, and you have to reinstall it.Typically, these programs can affect the performance of the entire computer.

Tip 2: How to remove launch

In some cases, the user may need to hide the taskbar button with the " start ".This is useful, for example, for a computer to use as a media center, or if the screen resolution is very small.
В ряде случаев пользователю может потребоваться убрать с экрана панель задач вместе с кнопкой "Пуск"
Right click on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
Select "Properties."
In the window that opens, select "Auto-hide the taskbar".
Click "OK."Now the taskbar will be hidden automatically.
In addition, you can use special software, for example, the program StartKiller.The program is being launched, completely removes the "Start" button on the screen, and the icon appears in the system tray program that allows you to adjust some settings or, for example, to remove the icon from the tray.Then the user will have to return the button " start " to place a precise knowledge of the program running on the computer.
In any case, "Start" menu, you can still be activated by using Win key or key combination CTRL + ESC.


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