Let's start with the fact that all distributions are based on a packet-based and software they get from a single source (the repository).This means that any program can be installed on any version of Ubuntu.Different distributions primarily graphical environment (the appearance of the desktop), and a set of programs that are installed by default.


original distribution, supported by Canonical.As the graphical interface uses its own development company called Unity using libraries Gnome.This work environment aims to achieve a unified and equally easy to use interface for both the desktop and on the plates.There is not the usual menu.Instead, the panel Dash, which provides a single interface to search for programs, data, Internet, and on

the local PC.At the same time it brings a different dynamic interactive information, for example, if you search for a film, if not find it on your computer, it will prompt you to purchase it on the Internet.This functionality expandable through plug-ins, and if you do not need such online search, you can disable it.Ubuntu is quite demanding on resources, so, for example, it is desirable to draw a discrete graphics card interface.For comfortable work, you must have a multi-core processor and 2 GB of RAM.


supported by the community.Based on the working environment KDE.Like the original, Ubuntu is quite demanding on resources, but fans say that is much smarter than where genuine Ubuntu does not show the best results.Kubuntu interface is more traditional, although the menu also supports various interactive chips and search.


Based on work environment XFCE.This distribution can be called the golden mean.It is much less demanding hardware compared to Ubuntu and Xubuntu, but supports flexible configuration, and rich functionality of the shell.The interface is clean and simple, intuitive enough for users migrating from Windows.


even less demanding of computer resources distribution.Based on the work environment LXDE.Less easy to configure compared to XFCE.The interface looks like on Windows XP.Good behavior at low iron and netbooks.

Ubuntu Server

Suitable for installation on the server.It has no GUI.All controls in the distribution is done via the command line.

Remixes Ubuntu

Besides the official distribution there are a great many so-called remixes.By their nature, they are the same Ubuntu distribution with altered initial parameters and a set of software.For example, distribution Runtu - out of the box fully supports the Russian language, whereas in the original Xubuntu you would need after the installation of delivering support for the Russian language on the Internet.Remixes thus help to simplify installation, once received and set up a working computer with all the necessary software.