you need
  • - bought strap RAM Laptop
Before buying a new strap and dismantling laptop should first find out the type of memory used.That it should be used to accurately determine the diagnostic program, for example, Sandra.
Run the program and click on the icon «System summary» («Summary").The application will give a lot of parameters, among which the most important attribute is "Bus Speed ​​Memory» («Memory Bus Speed»), based on which we can determine the type of RAM.
in a modern laptop memory is used DDR2100, which operates at frequencies up to 266 MHz, while the 333 has a frequency DDR2700 MHz.DDR2 memory modules correspond to the value of 400 MHz.If the laptop is installed processor Core Solo, Core2Duo or
AMD Turion XII, it is likely suitable memory marked DDR2700.On the netbook format is often used Micro-SODIMM.Opredelite desired type of memory and get the bar in any of the stores of accessories.
RAM is often under the cover of the back of the laptop.Remove using an ordinary screwdriver, the screw that holds the valve.Open the cover.Slide the side mount connector, lift the bar itself memory and pull it out.Typically, laptops have two modules which are typically located one above the other.Pull both straps, replace them bought.Do not forget to mount slide back and close the cover.Installation complete.