easiest way to refill pictures for "wallpaper" desktop - anywhere to create a separate folder and place it in any number of image files.This can be done directly from your desktop - click the right mouse button and in the "New" context menu, select "Folder".Then specify the name of the new object - such as "Wallpaper" - and press Enter.Storage is ready, you can fill it with pictures - on the Internet, you can find them in large quantities.To use any picture from this location as your wallpaper, click the right-hand mouse button and select "Set as Background image of your desktop."
If you want to add to the list of wallpapers in a standard apple
t Windows, use an existing folder in the system folder of your computer.To reach it, start the "Explorer" - double-click on the icon "Computer" on the desktop.Go to the system drive - it is marked with the logo Windows - and find a system folder.Most often it is also called Windows.Inside this folder, expand the catalog of Web, and in it - a folder Wallpaper.Here and placed separate folders for each category of images, used by the system applet and the program automatically change background images - slideshow.Add new images to the desired folder in accordance with their contents.
To install any of these images as wallpaper or a list of slide show desktop background image first, click on the right mouse button and select in the context menu of the line "Personalization."Then, in the bottom left corner click on "Desktop Background" and the screen will split into categories table with thumbnail images.It also placed controls slideshows and customize the placement of the background image on the desktop.