Tip 1: How to access the System volume information folder

System volume information folder is not by chance is called systemic.It stores the service operating system files: a copy of the program files, reports, data on the procedures carried out, resources for system recovery and so on.By default, this folder is closed.
you need
  • - Administrator rights.
You must have administrator privileges to make changes of this kind.Check the level of their rights in the "User Accounts" or contact the administrator of your computer.You can also create a separate account with which you can perform various operations on your PC.Display system files in the windows "My Computer."To do this, go to the properties window of "My Computer", click on the item "Organize" at the top of the screen and select "Folder and search options."
Go to the tab "View" and make the following changes: Set the check box next to "Show hidden files and folders" and uncheck the items "Hide protected operating system files", "Use simple sharingfiles. "Confirm the change b
y pressing the "OK" button.Thus, you are completely open, all system files and folders, which are located in the operating system of the computer.Try not to remove anything, because you can damage the system, with no possibility of recovery.
Set access rights to the folder: Right-click on the folder icon System Volume Information, and then left on "Properties".In the tab "Security" add your user and set the right in the list below.Now you can view the contents of the folder System volume information and change it.You should not delete files in this folder if you absolutely are not sure what they are for.Use special tools free up, if there is such a need.Also check the folder to malicious applications, as viruses are often hidden in the system.

Tip 2: How to access the folder system volume

System Volume Information folder is a hidden system and the operating system Microsoft Windows XP.This folder is intended to save the backup file system state, called "restore points system."Getting access to it using the standard tools of the system.
How to access the folder system volume
you need
  • - Windows XP.
Open the "Tools" randomly selected folders on your computer and go to item "Folder Options."
Click the "View" of the dialog box and find the option "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) in the" Files and Folders "window" Advanced Settings ".
Uncheck the box in the results and confirm your selection by clicking "Yes" in the query "Do you really want to display these files?".
Return to the "Advanced Settings" and go to the "Hidden files and folders."
Use the checkbox on the "Show hidden files and folders" and then click "Apply" to execute the command.
Confirm the use of selected changes by pressing the OK button, and open the disk containing the operating system Windows XP (usually drive C).
Find shaded folder System Volume Information (folder color due to the fact that the folder is hidden) and call its context menu by right-clicking.
Choose "Properties" and select the "Security" tab of the dialog box.
Click "Add" button and follow the button click "Advanced" in the new dialog box "Select Users and Groups."
Click "Search" and enter the user selected in the list that appears.
Click OK and wait for the name of the selected user in the "Enter the object names to select (examples)."
Click OK, and make sure that the name you want displayed in the "Groups and Users".
Click "Apply" to execute the command and confirm the use of selected changes by clicking OK.
Open the System Volume Information folder by double-clicking on the folder icon.
Helpful Hint
Access to the System Volume Information folder may be necessary when you troubleshoot any system problems.
  • Gaining access to the folder System Volume Information


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