Tip 1: How to configure remote desktop

With Remote Desktop, you can control a variety of programs from anywhere in the world.For these systems to work properly, you need to configure.
you need
  • - data to the server from the registrar;
  • - Administrator rights.
First of all, you need the data from the server to be used as a remote desktop.It will be a full-fledged operating system with which you can create a variety of processes to set the program to automatically perform various tasks, enjoy high-speed internet and more.These services can be found at reg.ru.
Register the server by typing at the same time reliable data.Do not forget to write your existing e-mail address to which the data will be sent to a server.Once the application is paid for, you will come to e-mail message that contains the data for the server.As a rule, there is a large variety of software that allows you to use servers, and at the same time to see everything that happens on the screen.
Such operations can be carried out in a stand
ard operating system.To start the server, and log in to it, click "Start" on your computer.Next, go to the tab "Standard".Find an item called "Connecting Remote Desktop."Now you need to enter data that has been sent to your email address.Try to store this information in a few copies, as the situation may be different on your computer.
You will see a window in it, click on the button "Parameters."Enter the name of the remote computer.Usually there entered digits, separated by periods.Next, enter the name of the administrator who manages the server.Click on "Connect".Once the system is authorized, you will need to enter an administrator password.He was also sent to you in the mail.Carefully enter the password because the system after some wrong attempts may temporarily blocked.

Tip 2: How to set up remote control

Quite often it happens that in the computer there are any malfunctions and failures.If you do not have time to call a specialist, you can configure the remote control computer, and then your friend programmer can solve your problem right from your desktop.
How to configure remote control
To configure remote control , you must use your computer's built-in program "Remote Assistance", or use a special program Radmin.
To do this, first of all, you must log into Windows, Install Radmin on both computers and set up a connection via LAN.
first on the remote computer is configured server part.To do this, run the file rserv34ru.exe and click in the window "Next" button.Once you accept the license agreement, you need to activate the "Install" button, wait until the installation happen.
After installation, set the box on the label "Configure user permissions for Radmin Server" and activate the "Finish" button.In the settings or select automatic start or manual start, and click "OK".
If necessary, the general settings specify the port for the program, and in the tab "Miscellaneous", select the connection type.
In the "Add new user" you must specify a username and password. Then you can select the law allowed for the remote user, and click "OK».
Afterinstall Radmin Viewer on your computer, set up a remote management , selecting the menu item "Connection" and "Connect to».
In the new window, you must configure the connection parameters and click "OK».
Then starts connecting to the remote computer. In the "Security Radmin" enter the user name and password and activate the "OK».
If the remote computer Using the "Department"enabled and the user name and password are specified, true, you will have access to a remote computer.


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