Use a program specifically designed to remove the application.It is called the uninstaller, and in most cases, automatically installed with the application itself.Find a link to the uninstaller can be run in the same folder in the main menu of the operating system, where there is also a link to launch the main application.Normally, this menu item starts with the word "Delete ..." or Uninstall ... After running the uninstaller, follow the instructions, which he will give to the screen in the process.
Another option is to use a special component of the operating system, which centrally manages the unins
taller of all registered in the registry application.It runs through the Control Panel link which can be found by clicking on the main menu button "Start".Find the item "Uninstall a program" in the section "Program".If you are using running Windows XP, it should be called "Add or Remove Programs."This starts the necessary operating system components and starts collecting information about installed programs - it may take several tens of seconds.
Wait for the formation of the list of applications, and then look for the line with the name of the program, has become redundant.Depending on the version of the operating system to remove the program, you must click a row or right-click and select "Delete" or press the button in the line with the inscription.Then, the uninstaller will start and you will follow his instructions.
Some programs when you install do not make any entries in the system registry and do not have a complete uninstaller.In this case, uninstall will be enough to remove the hard drive folder of the program.It is possible in such a way to uninstall and programs installed on all the rules, but in this case you must have an application that after removing cleanse registry of records relating to the program - for example, Registry Booster.